In Real Estate, a single picture can capture the mind and imagination of a potential buyer, allowing them to connect with a home from afar. A series of good quality photos makes the difference between a property sitting idle or selling quickly. Janet creates eye-catching images that will tell the story of your home.

Professional Photographer specializing in Real Estate

For as long as I can remember, I have viewed the world through the lens of a camera, always looking for the right light and perfect angle. I ran a small business called the “The Splice of Life”, integrating pictures and music into a personalized slide-show set to music for weddings, birthdays and memorials. My passion remains to create a set of images that tell a story to the viewer. Working closely with my clients, I feel my job is not done until they are satisfied with the final product. I would love to help you visually communicate the story of your home and connect with potential buyers. In my free time, you will find me participating in neighborhood events, tending my garden, or enjoying the beauty of the Northwest with my husband and two dogs.

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